Reading books is a great way to learn. What’s great about books is that you can read them whenever and wherever you like and then you can refer back to them whenever you need to review or refresh your memory about something you read.

The impetus for my first book, Take Heart came from the students in my singles course. They told me, “You need to write a book to share the wonderful stories and the great information you have.” So, I paired the love stories of the first 10 of my students who married with 10 lessons from the course. My students loved the book and passed it on to their friends, who got excited about the course and became students, too!

My second book, The Itty Bitty Break-Up Book, was also instigated by my students. One day, we had a discussion about break-ups and the stages we all go through before we are truly ready to start a serious relationship. The Itty Bitty Break-Up Book is the outgrowth of that discussion.

I’m convinced that our success in dating – or lack of it – is directly related to whether or not we’ve learned the lessons we were meant to learn in previous relationships. I call this de-briefing, and I believe that learning how to de-brief past relationships is the key to being successful in new ones. The Itty Bitty Break-Up Book shows you how.

I created the Break-Up Workshop to give you the chance to practice de-briefing. The workshop is free with purchase of the book. Look for information about the Break-Up Workshop on the Workshops page.


Take Heart!

In Take Heart! Amy Owens, The Singles Coach, pairs the love stories of 10 of her former students, now married, with 10 crucial lessons they had to learn on the way to the altar.

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The Itty Bitty Break-Up Book

The Itty Bitty Break-Up Book is a guide to coping, healing and moving forward after a love relationship ends.

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Savvy Singles

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